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Regulation on Chambers of Commerce

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Jordan Chamber of Commerce                               

formerly known as Federation of Jordanian Chambers of Commerce (FJCC)" was established and commenced its operations, on December 19, 1955, in accordance with the (Jordanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Law No. 41 of 1949).

JCC’s primary responsibility is to cooperate, through dialogue, with the country various private and public sector bodies and plays an advisory role vis-à-vis government and parliament.

The principle activities of JCC include representing the general interest of the business community, providing information and advice to members, promoting economic development, providing market information and economic statistics, encouraging foreign investment, and facilitating international trade.
On 12th June 2003, a Provisional Law, No. 70 of 2003 was enacted under the name of (Chambers of Commerce), in which Jordan Chamber of Commerce was established to take over the role of the former (Federation of Jordanian Chambers of Commerce), noting that mandatory membership is applied to all chambers including JCC



Jordanian Chambers of Commerce



Chamber Year of Establishment


Amman Chamber of Commerce


Zarqa Chamber of Commerce


irbid Chamber of Commerce


AL Mafraq Chamber of Commerce


Maan Chamber of Commerce


Aqaba Chamber of Commerce


Al Ramtha Chamber of Commerce


Al Karak Chamber of Commerce


Al Tafeila Chamber of Commerce


Madaba Chamber of Commerce


Al Salt Chamber of Commerce


Al Mazar Chamber of Commerce


Al Shouneh Al Janoubieh Chamber of Commerce


Jarash Chamber of Commerce


Al Russeifeh Chamber of Commerce 


Ajloun Chamber of Commerce





Jordan Chamber of Commerce Objectives:

Participate with the public bodies in drawing up policies related to trade and service sectors including strategies and plans needed to be implemented.

Participate in the efforts of promoting development and promotion of trade and service sectors including small and medium sized enterprises.

Promote cooperation between the Chambers of Commerce on the one hand, and the Arab and foreign Chambers of Commerce, on the other hand.

Consolidate and coordinate the capabilities of the local Chambers of Commerce.

Participate along with relevant authorities in organizing economic and commercial conferences at local, arabic and international levels.

Conduct, publish, and update economic studies and research in relation to trade and services.






JCC is a non-profit private national Chamber representative of local Chambers of Commerce that serves its interests in all economic, commercial, and service sectors.

It provides the umbrella for 16 Chambers of Commerce located in the major cities and districts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.






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