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Kabariti: Jordan is able to attract any commercial activities




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THU,JAN 21,2016

President of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce Nael Kabariti stressed that the Jordanian business environment capable of attracting any commercial activities, whether domestic or foreign, thanks to security and stability enjoyed by the case of the Kingdom.


He was surprised Kabariti said in a statement to Jordan News Agency (Petra) to talk about the ongoing departure of agencies and global brands operating in the local market due to obstacles formal procedures hinder its work.


 He said that the trademark which stopped its local market due to reasons related to the subjective and the decisions of companies owned by the fact that the practice of commercial activity governed by a lot of factors, including that of supply and demand and the cost of operation and prices and purchasing power of the citizens.


He added that the retail sector and an active and vital sector is witnessing constantly exit and entry of new agencies and agencies in light of the competitive factors and the size of the market and change the operational costs and the requirements and conditions of the parent company and other factors. He said Kabariti to address the economic situation sometimes requires official action and in spite of the reservation by the room but in the end serve the interests of the homeland and the citizen,

which take precedence over all other interests, pointing to the existence of complaints from the owners of agencies from the cumulative rise of the long-prices of the electricity in the past Last.


 He said that the Jordan Chamber of Commerce statements made ​​in this regard is being considered responsible amplified things are incompatible with real data because it would adversely affect the commercial sector and other economic sectors that depend or linked to the performance of its business activities sector agencies. He said Kabariti said Jordan Chamber of Commerce fights and strongly opposes counterfeit goods coming into the local market to protect the goods and original brands, pointing to the existence rebounds in this regard with the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology. The head of the room to the commercial sector supports the claim of parliamentary initiative to raise the minimum wage commensurate with the living and the ability of citizens to live in dignity and to improve their standard of living costs.


He stressed the need for all sides agree on the question of raising the minimum wage to reach the number commensurate with the needs of the citizens, stressing that the commercial sector focuses on Jordanian citizen and the worker and not the expatriate manpower. And that talk about raising the minimum wage comes at an appropriate timing, especially in the shadow of the continuous rise of living costs and an increase in poverty and unemployment rates in addition to the importance of moving the wheel of the national economy.

Jordan Chamber of Commerce
JAN 21,2016


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